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Frequently Asked Questions





How long does it take for my carpets to dry after they've been cleaned?

Drying times can vary depending on many factors. Under ideal conditions (low outside humidity, warm temperatures and good air circulation), they can dry in less than two hours. We can provide complimentary air movers to speed up drying. The maximum amount of time a carpet should take to dry is 24 hours

How soon can I walk on my carpet or put furniture back on it ?

We advise you stay off the carpet as much as you can until fully dry. If you do need to move furniture back on it right away we will provide you with small foam block or foil paper to put your furniture on until it drys 

Do you move furniture ?

YES. However our quotes that are given do not include moving furniture . If moving furniture is requested there will be an additional fee.We ask that our clients remove all small furniture items and breakable items before our arrival.

Is it necessary to move furniture to have your carpets cleaned ?

NO. Many clients have kept the layout of their homes the same so the only areas that have been soiled are the traffic areas. If you have moved or are planning to rearrange your furniture this may be a good time to have carpets cleaned.

Items we will NOT move

Some of these items include beds, dressers, china cabinets, and cabinets with items in them. at the time of the quote variable items or items in question can be discussed.


Do you clean upholstery and if so how long does it take to dry ?

YES. We use a low moisture upholstery cleaning tool which allows drying time to be estimate 2-3 hours. If the upholstery is heavily soiled and required more extensive cleaning the drying time can be expected to be longer.


Do you clean area rugs and where do you clean them?

YES. We clean the area rugs in your home. This requires an area that we can clean the rug on. We will not clean area rugs on wood floor. 

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