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Pre cleaning checklist

Thank you for allowing us to provide you with a quote! Our company is a family owned and operated carpet cleaning service in Nanaimo and surrounding areas. We strive to give the best customer service possible and will gladly answer any questions you may have.  Our technician is IICRC certified and strives to meet or exceed all industry standards. (  The finest equipment and materials available will be used to achieve the best results possible for you and your carpets.  

   Preparing your home for your carpet cleaning appointment: 

1. Please make sure all small breakable items are removed from areas being cleaned.   

2. Remove furniture to exposed any carpeted area you wish to have cleaned.  Do not move remaining items into the middle of the room, as the main traffic areas will need to be pre-sprayed.    

3. Please pre-vacuum all carpets to remove excess soil, dust, hair etc. This will help achieve a higher quality end result. 

4. Do not spot clean areas before our arrival. This is more of a hindrance than a help to us. 

5. For your pet and children’s well being and our peace of mind please keep them away from the area of cleaning.  The door will be cracked open for our hoses so pets should be secure. 

Pre Cleaning Notes: 

Spots and stains: We guarantee that we will use our experience, knowledge and cleaning products to clean stains to the best of our ability. Unfortunately there are too many variables to guarantee removal of all stains, sometimes stains are just that....a stain, and can be permanent. Be wary of anyone who claim that they can remove any stain, this is impossible to promise. Beware of acne skin products with benzyl peroxide, as this is a bleaching agent.  If these products are present on carpets at the time of cleaning they may not be visible until heat and moisture are applied, ending in a loss of colour. Notes: Traffic areas:  Wear patterns develop in high traffic areas and can give carpets a shadowed and or a blotchy appearance over time. After cleaning these areas may be more apparent due to shine of the carpet being restored on the worn fibers. Soiled/worn areas around office mats will most times improve but discolouration may remain, mainly due to wear. Air Filtration:  Dark lines may be present on carpets near baseboards, wall edges and stairs. Air filtration lines/discoloring is a result of consistent airflow around carpet edges or furniture, which deposits soil over long periods of time.  It is difficult to predict how filtration lines will respond to cleaning.  Usually these areas can be improved but a discolouration may remain.

SAFETY NOTE: While our technician is cleaning your carpets please refrain from allowing yourselves or pets to walk on wet carpet due to slippery content in cleaners as well as tracking dirt preventing us from getting the best clean possible.


Any other inquires

If you have any other concerns that we have failed to answer feel free to click below to get into direct contact with us.

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